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And until we stop screwing the kids
who just need extra time or help by lumping them in with the kids who
have massive behavioural problems, so little intellectual is learned in
At my school everyone is justed mixed in but if you are in ARL (forgot what 
it stands for but people get extra-help there afterschool or during PE or 
something) you get extra time on tests and exams which I sometimes think is unfair 
to people like me who dont get extra time because there are people in ARL now 
who might have needed it before in Middle School but truly dont anymore and do 
better on essays and stuff because they have time to work on them a lot and 
finish them (I always write too much!). Also with the new SATs (standardized 
tests we have to take for college if you dont know) there is a new essay and 
colleges dont know if kids get extra time so that helps them a lot. There are 
some kids who actually need the time but there are others who totally dont. And 
if you think public schools are bad just be glad you dont live in New Orleans. 
We have the worst public schools in the country except for one highschool! 
Everyone goes to private/catholic schools if they can possibly afford it.

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