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Ika said...

> (I've been really interested in other people's favourites/least
> favourites, because they're so *unexpected*! I can't imagine how *Eight
> Days of Luke* could be anyone's least favourite DWJ, or *Deep Secret*
> anyone's favourite, for example: can anyone who listed those two elaborate
> on *why*? I'd be deeply fascinated.)

"Deep Secret" is not my *very* favourite DWJ, but it's in my top three.


The most obvious thing is the SF con that much of it is set at.  I *love* 
well-done setting in a book; I will reread books in which characterisation 
or plot is poor or even crap (IMO) if the setting is well done.  And in 
"Deep Secret", SF cons *really are like that*!

I also love the characters.  Rupert, for all his prattishness, appeals to 
me.  And I utterly love Maree and Nick.  And Nick's "Bristolia" game, 
because I can see me and/or my friends doing something like that (in fact, 
we did, in the context of an existing RPG).

And the plot.  It twiddles and it turns, a bit, but it's not as torturous as 
"Hexwood", but not very simple either.  I love the whole idea of Magids.

And the use of the "Lyke Wake Dirge", and the utterly inspired combination 
of that and "How Many Miles to Babylon?"  And the weaving of "How Many Miles 
to Babylon?" into the overall plot - Rupert starts out right at the 
beginning talking about deep secrets and then the whole book is predicated 
upon *that* deep secret - oh, if I could write like that!

And...and...and...we discussed how "Deep Secret" could be a fairy-tale 
retelling, a couple of years back, and that ties in too to my love of it.

And Rupert insisting at con registration that he's "Rupert the Mage", like 
Jeeves & Wooster only with magic (I want to read *that* story!)

And those are some of the reasons that I love "Deep Secret".


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