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Katie Meyers kgmeyers at
Tue Dec 14 16:13:54 EST 2004

I think I have had both positive and negative experiences with 
tracking.  Being in higher classes is generally much more interesting 
and fun.  Taking AP Bio this year is one of the best classes I've ever 
taken, and we'd never be able to learn what we're learning if we had 
less bright students.  The Middle School's once a week "Talented and 
Gifted" program gave me my friends.  One problem is that in my school 
Honors classes are really not Honors, because the parents force their 
children into classes that are too hard for them, and the class has to 
lower its level for these children.         I think tracking that 
sticks you into a track at an early age is not a good idea unless it is 
possible to get into a higher or lower level.  In fifth grade math, 
when the class had trouble understanding why 1/4 + 1/4 does not equal 
1/8, math was easy for me.  I was put into the high math track, which 
they suppose you will be able to keep up with for the rest of school 
before college.  This means I am supposed to now be in AP AB Calculus.  
I can't do it, so I'm in Applied Calculus (rather than the lower or 
higher track for my grade) with the unmotivated older kids, with no 
clear choice of math classes for next year, because they don't expect 
anyone to want to change tracks.

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