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Tue Dec 14 15:30:08 EST 2004

Roger said...

> I've decided to follow Jennifer's lead, but instead of counting books
> I've been counting birthdays and star signs (since some people only
> posted the latter). Of the 25 people who've admitted to a birthday so
> far, we have:

<list snipped>

Now, isn't that interesting?  Of those of us who have admitted, Fire signs 
are in the majority (10 of us) followed by Air signs (8 of us) - and of 
those, the traditionally-considered "younger" signs (Aries and Gemini, 
respectively) are not represented at all!  Likewise, the Earth signs (of 
which we have fewest - just!) are at the "middle-to-elder" end of the range, 
but the Water signs are mostly "young".

And we have 9 "fixed" (i.e. stubborn) signs (the Leos and Aquarians), 8 
"cardinal" (bossy) signs (the Cancers, Libras and the Capricorn), and 8 
"mutable" (adaptable) signs (the Virgos, Sagittarians and the Pisces) - so 
we're pretty balanced that way.

Those who care may find Deep Significance in the fact that this list is 
dominated by show-off-y and communicatory, who's going to 
correlate most frequent posters with zodiac signs...? :-)


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