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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Tue Dec 14 15:09:51 EST 2004

--- Ika <blake at> wrote:
 I can't
> imagine how *Eight
> Days of Luke* could be anyone's least favourite DWJ,
> or *Deep Secret*
> anyone's favourite, for example: can anyone who
> listed those two elaborate
> on *why*? I'd be deeply fascinated.)

"Least favorite" is not the same as "don't like". I've
never read a DWJ I didn't like a lot. But the question
was there and under protest I answered it. Maybe
someone should work out which DWJs got favorite and
least favorite votes. (not me as I have accidently
deleted a couple of replies - and don't have time
before Christmas anyway). I suspect that there will be
few books that aren't on both lists. As for why I like
Deep Secret, I just loved the convention. I've been to
conventions that were just like that, and although
I've read other novels set in cons, including one set
at a Con I was at ("Charles Fort never mentioned
wombats" set at the 1975 Aussiecon), nothing else has
ever captured a con, and fandom, so well. 
Until recently I'd have put Sudden wild magic in my
least favorite list, but I've recently reread it and
enjoyed it hugely.


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