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Tue Dec 14 14:53:26 EST 2004

> Well, there are people who hate Hexwood, and it's been my favorite ever
> since I read it. Let's see, why do I like Deep Secret? 

I like Deep Secret too.

I like that it's
> told from two points of view, in a very non-confusing sort of way. I like
> how people seen from the outside can be very unsympathetic, and seen from
> the inside are absolutely wonderful. I love how little bits of truth from
> our world are parts of a bigger and more useful truth, and how it's
> completely believable. I like that parts of the story take place in "our"
> world, and parts take place in a completely foreign world, so I get both
> little frizzles of normality (the whole con, for example, even though I've
> never been to one) and the fascination of a different culture and
> governmental setup

I am fascinated by the fact that I secretly suspect myself of being 
Maree Mallory, and I _Know_ I've dated Rupert several times. I was 
having a book conversation with one of my ex-boyfriends (theme of that 
relationship: "Is this a relationship or a lending library?" "I don't 
know what you're getting out of it, but to me it's a lending library.") 
and told him to stop being such a prat, and then had to buy a copy of 
Deep Secret on Amazon and send it to him to explain.

> Barrayar--I've just finished rereading Shards of Honor instead of, you
> know, eating lunch or going to the gym). I like how it's got funny  bits
> and serious bits and horrifying bits and lovely bits. It's also got one of
> my all-time favorite scenes, Nick-at-breakfast. Is that enough of a why?

There are some other scenes that I find wonderful. I read the 
Nick-at-breakfast to my secondary right before darkovercon and he nearly 
choked. I'm very fond, for instance, of the Witchy Dance; and the nature 
of the Babylon magic. It's also a great example of DWJ's 
circles-within-circles plot method, without being as confusing as, say, 

It's biggest failing is DWJ's habit of putting in too much detail when 
writing for adults. 

And of course, there's the wonderful quote:

"Once more, my good man, gets you pins in a wax image, or worse.  I'd do 
it now, and curse you into the bargain, only I'm crossed in love and 
haven't the energy.  Now *you* get out of *my* way."

-- Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, Knowledge Pika jenne at 
"I don't get the facts wrong.  It's everything else I screw up."
    -- _The Librarian: Quest for the Spear_
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