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On Tue, 14 Dec 2004, Kyla Tornheim wrote:
|...okay, I guess what I'm saying is that my experience of non-tracked
|classes meant that I was bored, bored, bored, and tracked classes meant
|that I was interested and challenged.

I'm not saying I know the answer, because I don't -- but tracking only
works for gifted kids.  It *can* work for the other kids, in theory, but
it doesn't.  Until mass produced education finds a way to, say, educate
the kids who get diagnosed with (pick your poison) at age 10, after
which they can read/do math/what-have-you fine but before which they've
been tracked with the
less-bright/dumber/different-intelligence/what-have-you kids, it's an
imperfect system.  Or, for that matter, make it clear to everyone
involved that being in the top track doesn't necessarily mean slower,
and certainly not at everything.  And until we stop screwing the kids
who just need extra time or help by lumping them in with the kids who
have massive behavioural problems, so little intellectual is learned in

Don't get me wrong, it worked for me, too.  But a friend of mine got
tracked low at age six when her mom was having financial problems, and
when she was in a state to be learning again it was too late in every
subject; we'd learned so much more in the intervening 3 years that she
could never move up without extra help.  And this was in a tiny high
quality private school.

Now Melissa should enter and explain the superiority of her system.  If
only it scaled.  :)

I never metadiscourse I didn't like.

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