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On Tuesday 14 December 2004 19:51, deborah.dwj at suberic.net wrote:

> There's good evidence that mixing kids of mixed abilities in
> teenytiny groups, so the faster kids help along the slower kids,
> works great with the right teachers.  (Hear a thing, remember for a
> day; See a thing, remember for a week; Do a thing, remember for a
> year; Teach a thing; remember for a lifetime.)  But you have to
> convince the parents of the gifted kids.  And you need the right
> environment.

I can imagine that it would work if the groups aren't the same all the 
time-- all my kids are top of their respective classes, they do make 
the faster kids tutor the slower kids, and it *exhausts* them. All of 
them have told me, at various times and in various ways, that they'd 
like to be on the receiving side of peer tutoring for once.

As a parent of gifted kids, I won't be convinced until someone can 
convince me that my kid doesn't have to do most of the work most of the 
time, even if it does make them remember for a lifetime.


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