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Tue Dec 14 12:06:03 EST 2004

Sallyo writted:

>----- > > He encountered a cow with an extra teat. The cow's name was
>> >
>> > Try that on most people and see what reaction you (don't) get. I think I
>> > love L-A-D!
>> Puzzled frown, then laughed till cried :)
>Isn't it WONDERFUL?

It is.  It's a must-repeat.  Thank-you!

>Mind you, if I hadn't heard of the Cinque Ports at school, I mightn't have
>"got" it!

If that'd've been what led me to get it I'd still be confused, because the
people who taught me about them called 'em the "sink ports", to my ear, and
I always thought they must be shaped  like a kitchen sink or have docks
made of white china or something, and I was dead disappointed when I
finally worked out what it really was.  Bah.


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