CS Lewis (Was: Favourite books)

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Tue Dec 14 12:06:02 EST 2004

>> Narnia was written by a Christian who was in the first flush of
>> born-again-enthusiasm when he wrote it, I suspect.  Being born again tends
>> to make people behave like dalmatian puppies who've just found a dead
>> hedgehog: they wriggle and bounce and make excited noises about it.  The
>> rest of us don't need to get too involved.
>First flush may be pushing it - didn't he convert around 1929?

True.  (Well, return rather than convert, I suppose, since he'd been a
member of some christian congregation or other in his youth, hadn't he?)
Yes, you're right about the actual dates, or at least right enough for it
to be righter than putting the conversion itself more than twenty years
later.  I just don't that he ever got over that initial rush of enthusiasm.
He goes on coming over like someone who's just had a Damascene Moment,
ages after he first started laying down the law about Proper Christianity
about six months after he'd Discovered it.

After all, he wrote to his father in March 1928:
"There is a religious revival going on amongst our undergraduates ... run
by a Dr. Buchman.  He gets a number of young men together (some reports say
women too, but I think not) and they confess their sins to one another.
Jolly, ain't it?  But what can you do?  If you try to suppress it you only
make martyrs...."

I have slight difficulty envisioning the Wallaby Enclosure at Whipsnade as
being very similar to Damascus.  :-)


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