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> &gt;'Strewth, I always thought that the most religiously/culturally dubious
> of
> &gt;the whole lot!
> Culturally, yes. But there's pretty much no *religious* metaphors. Tash the
> nasty god doesn't show up at all and is pretty much just a part of the nasty
> culture as a whole, and Aslan plays a very bit part.

The image that has always stayed with me that clearly said that the people
of Calormen were "dubious" is that they used oil instead of butter. I don't
have the book here to quote it, but even as a kid this felt to me to be very
pointed indeed.

> Well, yeah. Every book comes with *some* kind of morals, and there are many
> I find just as distasteful as the Narnia books or more, and that are even
> more sneaky. There's the house sorting system in Harry Potter, for example.

Yes, I loathe the Sorting Hat too. It's so sinister, the idea that a quarter
of kids at the age of 11 are doomed to be sly, untrustworthy and potentially


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