Doubles in DWJ

Ven vendersleighc at
Mon Dec 13 18:27:57 EST 2004

I queried

 Now Judith and Diana are clearly in rapport 
> but for us lesser mortals can you clarify this 
> bit please? I mean I can see that Gwendolen and
> Janet are doubles of course but it's not
> something I've spotted in general.

and Judith pointed out
<Ergh, Ven, it was 1992 and I was up to my 
eyeballs in DWJ for an MA thesis
that I never finished (a rather annoying divorce 
and a subsequent nomadic
professional and personal life took my attention 
away from The Academe for
some time--ten years in fact). I would have to go

and dig out all my old
notes, which are no doubt in my father's garage 
somewhere, to remember all
the ones I was working with. Indeed, to remember 
any! Alas, the memory isn't
the steel trap it used to be ;-) So instead of me

investigating the bowels
of Dad's garage (she says, Avoiding Homework), 
why don't we make it a "thing" here?

I'm so sorry to have put you on the spot Judith I
guess I was convinced that every nuance of
conversation with Diana would be imprinted on
your brain for all time. However Kyla was right
when she said:

<I think Ven's question might have been "what do 
you *mean* by doubles?" because that's my
question too.>
 only I didn't put it as clearly.


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