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> On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, Judith Ridge wrote:
>> Which doubles have you noticed in DWJ's books?
> I think Ven's question might have been "what do you *mean* by doubles?"
> because that's my question too. Do you mean how DWJ's husband seems to
> show up a lot, in that I think he was the vague basis for at least the
> physical description of the Iron Guardian, Mordion, and Anthony Green? Or
> is it something else?

I meant doubles within (and across) books.

>> And speaking of MA theses; I am back in the thick of mine, with a new topic
>> of the re-telling of fairy tales in YA novels. If anyone is interested, the
>> next (and tragically penultimate) Children's Literature New England in
>> August in Boston next year is on fairy tales. Speakers include Jack Zipes,
>> Gregory Maguire, Betsy Hearne and for those on child_lit, Monica Edinger!
> Oooooh, tasty tasty! And near me! ...that reminds me, I need to actually
> finish *reading* that Jack Zipes book.

Which Jack Zipes book?


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