The short story about the wolves

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Mon Dec 13 17:06:05 EST 2004

Paul, thank you so much.  Now I feel less stupid.  I think my intuition was 
trying to tell me something similar, but my intellect kept saying, Shut up!  
I'm trying to UNDERSTAND this!
> > The short story about the wolves.  Please someone who likes it try
> > to show me what I'm clearly missing!!
> I'm missing the same thing, can somebody tell us what, even if you
> don't like the story but just understand it

I don't think *anybody* understands it; even DWJ has admitted that she
doesn't entirely.

It came to her in a dream, you know. (And you know that bit in 'The
Voyage of the Dawn Treader' where they find the island where dreams
come true, and the narrator says that if you think this is a good
thing you're forgetting what dreams are actually *like*...)

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