Helen rewrites Little Women

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> Subject: Helen rewrites Little Women
> I was glad to see that our own Helen Schinske seems to have prompted Puffin
> Classics to un-bowdlerize their text of *Little Women* and restore its
> sinful references to the terpsichorean art. Check out the full story at
> http://achuka.co.uk/achukachat/viewtopic.php?t=54&highlight=

Thank you so much, Charlie! I probably wouldn't have heard about this for 
ages if you hadn't mentioned it. 

I think there are three different texts of _Little Women_ that I know of, 
counting the anti-dancing one, and I *believe* all three of them are available 
online. In the 1880s edition (revised by Alcott herself, as far as I know) 
Marmee is a "noble-looking woman", whereas in the first edition she was a "stout, 
not particularly handsome woman." The anti-dancing edition is the 1880s edition 
plus the weird anti-dancing edits, as far as I recall.

Helen Schinske
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