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I hope you're all ok with this. I wanted to share a wonderful event  
from yesterday. I originally wrote this for my Unitarian Universalist  
Musician's Network e-mail list . . .

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> I'm not one to blow my own horn or crow a lot . . . but I wanted to  
> share with you a positive "music in our congregations" story . . .
> Yesterday, during our regular Sunday services, my congregation  
> "installed" me as Director of Music Ministry. Up to this point, I'd  
> been referred to as Director of Music, but in conversations with our  
> new minister and various board members over the past months it became  
> clear that I saw this more as a calling than as a job.  I don't feel  
> like I'm a musician who's doing church work - I'm a church musician.  
> And so the minister and board decided to invest me with the role of  
> religious leadership in our congregation.
> I was adamant that I not be called "Minister of Music". I'm not a  
> minister. Over the past years we've moved from calling it our Music  
> Program to calling it our Music Ministry. And so I am now called  
> Director of Music Ministry.
> I'm deeply honored by this. The congregation presented me with a  
> gorgeous Guatemalan "Tree of Life" stole and my adult choir (sneaky  
> devils) rewrote and performed one of my short introits as a gift to  
> me.
> I've been deeply moved and enriched since I became a member of the  
> James Reeb community. And I'm incredibly proud to take on this new  
> "title".
> Take care all
> widdy
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Eight blunders of the world that lead to violence: wealth without work,  
pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce  
without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice,  
politics without principle, and rights without responsibilities.
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