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Margaret Ball margaret at
Mon Dec 13 11:25:58 EST 2004

Jadwiga Zajaczkowa / Jenne Heise wrote:

>I don't know whether those who 
>attended large public universities would find Tam Lin as interesting, 
>but I do know that a number of people who attended a mediumsized private 
>engineering school recognized it as interesting.
I attended an Extremely Large state university (Hey, this is Texas; 
everything's outsize) and I love reading Tam Lin and fantasizing that 
this is what attending a small, good liberal arts college would have 
been like. I think it's the idea of being around other people who have 
read the books I love and who would recognize a quotation from "The 
Lady's Not for Burning" and who don't necessarily give me that "You sure 
are weird" look if I want to talk about why changing the sequence of 
words in a sentence ruins the underlying rhythm that made the sentence 
beautiful in the first place and......

well, a college populated by the people on this list would be about right!

Margaret Ball

Mathematicians are like Frenchmen; whatever you say to them they translate into their own language and forthwith it is something entirely different.


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