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Hello, all.

Well, I'm doing my first full re-read of Bujold's Miles books and I'm 
in heaven. I "like" most of them, but I'm reading "Memory" right now 
and I "love" this one. This is the one that has more turned down 
corners (so I can find my favorite quotes) than any of the others.

My favorite "sequence" of books is _Mirror Dance_, _Memory_, and 
_Komarr_. I like the earlier books, but the Dendarii stuff thrills me 
less than this transition period. I find the focus on Mark fascinating 
in _Mirror Dance_ and the painful transition that Miles is going 
through (I'm about 1/3 of the way through _Memory_ right now) riveting.

I don't really have anything deeper to say about these than that, 
except thanks to this group for turning me on to these books. I'd read 
_Ethan of Athos_ years ago because it was on a list of gay and lesbian 
focussed SF, but I didn't pick up the rest of the series until a couple 
of years ago at the prompting of this group (Melissa, I think).

Oh, heck, here are a few of my favorite Bujold quotes, just for fun. 
Starting with #1:

Aral: “Reputation is what other people know about you. Honor is what 
you know about yourself. . . . There is no more hollow feeling than to 
stand with your honor shattered at your feet while soaring public 
reputation wraps you in rewards. That’s soul destroying. The other way 
around is merely very, very irritating.” (_A Civil Campaign_)

And from _Memory_:

Ivan: “If there’s no game, isn’t winning a pretty meaningless concept?”

Harra: “You go on. You just go on. There’s nothing more to it, and 
there’s no trick to make it easier. You just go on.” [This is _so_ true 
and exactly the kind of advice my mother would give if she spoke that 

have a great day,


If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we 
don’t believe in it at all.
Noam Chomsky
Ian W. Riddell
iwriddell at charter.net
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