CS Lewis (Was: Favourite books)

Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 13 10:50:14 EST 2004

>I enjoyed _Out of the Silent Planet_  but it never captured my
>imagination the way the Narnian books did. I can't even remember if
>I read the second (see, I can't even remember its name) and I never
>finished the final one--I found it far too preachy and felt that its
>religious agenda overpowered the story. I've never read _The
>Screwtape Letters_ but even reading bits of it quoted in other
>places really rub me the wrong way.

I didn't like the sci-fi stories much, but I was really captured by Til We 
Have Faces - it's preachy in a way, but not heavyhanded. And the main 
character is tremendously interesting.

As for the Narnia books, I like many others on this list read them and loved 
them before I realized the mythology was Christian-based. Then I realized 
that it was and hated the books for a while, but ultimately I couldn't let 
that stop me from enjoying the story. But it's probably telling that my 
favourite is The Horse and His Boy, which IMO is less interested in 
religious issues than some of the others.

I do like stories with myths and symbolism in them, but I suppose what upset 
me once upon a time was the hidden agenda - not that the elements were there 
but that I was supposed to react a certain way to them...

And as people have said, nowadays the religious elements are less troubling 
to me than the sexism and general conservatism.


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