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On 11/12/04 12:53 PM, "Ven" <vendersleighc at> wrote:

> Wow, excellent interview Judith. Right at the end
> came this bit:
> <Last question. Doubles. I adore them!
> Now Judith and Diana are clearly in rapport here
> but for us lesser mortals can you clarify this a
> bit please? I mean I can see that Gwendolen and
> Janet are doubles of course but it's not
> something I've spotted in general.

Ergh, Ven, it was 1992 and I was up to my eyeballs in DWJ for an MA thesis
that I never finished (a rather annoying divorce and a subsequent nomadic
professional and personal life took my attention away from The Academe for
some time--ten years in fact). I would have to go and dig out all my old
notes, which are no doubt in my father's garage somewhere, to remember all
the ones I was working with. Indeed, to remember any! Alas, the memory isn't
the steel trap it used to be ;-) So instead of me investigating the bowels
of Dad's garage (she says, Avoiding Homework), why don't we make it a
"thing" here?

Which doubles have you noticed in DWJ's books?

Actually, now I think of it, I seem to remember I did get those notes back
when I re-entered the MA; I'll check the filing cabinet tonight.

And speaking of MA theses; I am back in the thick of mine, with a new topic
of the re-telling of fairy tales in YA novels. If anyone is interested, the
next (and tragically penultimate) Children's Literature New England in
August in Boston next year is on fairy tales. Speakers include Jack Zipes,
Gregory Maguire, Betsy Hearne and for those on child_lit, Monica Edinger!
I've decided to go, although it will set back my plans to buy a Nicer Flat
with Nicer Neighbours by another couple of years.

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