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Ven vendersleighc at
Sun Dec 12 18:45:08 EST 2004

I wrote about the possible reactions of my cats
to Throgmorten in two very similar posts (my
server pretended to have eaten one by returning
"page not found" instead of "post sent" so I
wrote it again).

<One of mine would exhibit "challenging"
behaviour if it cost him his ears (and it
probably would). The other would wiggle and flirt
and generally behave shamelessly, in the hope
that  he would drop his guard and let her thump
him........ but just for fun, that's what she
generally does with dominant males at any rate. 
the result would be interesting.>

<One of mine would exhibit "challenging"
if it cost him his ears. The other would growl
and spit and make terrible noises -- from the
safety of a shelf, she likes to shelve herself.>

Those of you who didn't just think "double post"
and ignore the second may have wondered at the
contradiction. I find it sufficiently
embarrassing to want to explain
myself............. Number two is what I decided
would happen on second thoughts. In fact the 
with the flirting is what she would probably do
to a dominant male she met outside the house and
reaction two what would happen if such a male had
breached the cat door and come into her house.  


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