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|> Since Katie has reminded me of the quizzes (thanks, Katie!) I'm interested
|> to know what magic powers we all have.

I'm an interpreter.  Give me a McDonald's ad, a dinnertime conversation
about beets, a copy of The Secret Garden, and a C compiler, and I'll
manage to find some fascinating (to me!) thread about society or
literature or human nature which ties them altogether.  This is how in
college I managed to justify my English major with a concentration in
computer science (because our concentrations all had to be related to
our majors in some fashion).  In fact, I used to drive people in both
departments crazy by learning something in computer science class and
bursting out with "oh, it's like a metaphor for...", or learning
something in English class and relating it to a natural language
processor.  It's why love literary analysis, and why if I ever do go
back to school I think I'd like to go for a degree in cultural studies.
It's why I have wonderful conversations with Allen, who does philosophy,
and a friend of ours who's a linguist -- I love finding the common
threads it all of our fields.

When it backfires ('Shoes ... Shoes.  Come to my.  Hey Presto.
Abracadabra.  Shoes, I say! ...  Shoes!'), it's because it turns me into
an armchair psychologist, and overt-analyze the conscious and
unconscious motivations of both friends and enemies.  It's just that
when it makes so much sense to me, it must be through.  Because it makes

Also it's difficult because I don't believe in absolute truth.  Did
anyone ever read that Liavek story with the doomsday cult which was
creating a spell made from a toy which was somehow constantly
collapsing?  That's what my magic power does.  It builds up these
elaborate towers and then constantly deconstructs them in order to build
something even more elaborate.  I've got both the "de" and the
"construct" components going on at all times.

There were green alligators, and long necked geese
Humpty-backed camels and chimpanzees
Cats and rats and elephants, but Lord, I'm so forlorn
I just can't find no unicorn.		-- Shel Silverstein

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