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We have a jack russell with a crocodile jaw. Fortunately, she doesn't bite
people or other animals, but you should see her catch a ball that's bigger
than her head.


"I nearly jumped out of my skin about then, because a little animal came
scooting across the ground, yaffling its head off. It was covered with a
brush of pinkish greyish fuzz, and it had long ears and a nose that nearly
reached the ground. It skidded to a stop next to my left foot and tilted its
head to look up at me. Two sharp eyes beaded at me from among the fuzz, and
it gave one short, sharp, yap. Then it let about a metre of pink tongue
unfurl, yawned widely and started panting.
 I swallowed, hard, because the thing had a gape like a crocodile. Its head
was more than half the length of its body, and its jaws ran more than half
the length of its head. It was the ugliest thing I've ever seen, and it was
dribbling on my feet."


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Margaret wrote

<Dog: Lab/Rott
mix, originally named
Black Magic but subsequently re-christened
Concealed Weapon because she
looks like a pure-bred      Lab but has
Rottweiler jaws, muscles,
agression, and aversion to cocker spaniels
(except as snacks)>

A stealth rotty -- marvellous. I used to walk an
apparent alsatian who had the jaws of something
that would hang on and on and on.................
a lively one she was!


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