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Sat Dec 11 20:53:55 EST 2004

I think believe the following dialogue is by
Melissa and Minnow but I rather lost track of who
said what
>>I don't think I could live with Throgmorten, 
but he could visit any time.

<I doubt one could stop him if he wanted to, so 
<it would be just as well to
>be relaxed to the inevitable.  :-)

>>I think the cat population of our house would 

>For some value of "thrilled".  :-)  Terrified?

Melissa definitely added

<In age order, "infuriated," "bewildered," and 
"cowed."  Though I could be wrong about the last

One of mine would exhibit "challenging"
behaviour if it cost him his ears (and it
probably would). The other would wiggle and flirt
and generally behave shamelessly, in the hope
that  he would drop his guard and let her thump
him........ but just for fun, that's what she
generally does with dominant males at any rate. 
the result would be interesting.

Discussions of Throgmorten leave me a bit
melancholy right now. My own beautiful ginger cat
died earlier this year at the age of 16. I always
thoughtof him -- a large long legged handsome
great orange thing -- as looking like Throgmorten
and he certainly had enough charisma, but
thankfully, not the temper. 

Names of cats: Present: Vespa (the Emperor
Vespasian, but also a scooter and a wasp) Cam
(Camberwell Beauty, a brown and white butterfly).
Past:  Alex (Alexander the Great), Cirocco, known
as Rocky or Roxy, (C Jones from John Varley's
Wizard and Titan), Halo (from a John Varley short
story and also Halo Jones) he had the closest
temperament to Throgmorten, he scared people,
Raffy (Raphael), Kish (an ancient Mesopotamian
city), Clio (the muse of History, renamed/spelled
from Cleo which we found commonplace) Pushkin
(come to think of it another Alexander).
Childhood pets, Tabitha, Fluff and Sooty.


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