DWJ quizzes

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Sat Dec 11 19:19:35 EST 2004

>I think a lot of us have forms of divination magic, beginning with the
>ability to read well--after all, that requires symbolic interpretation and
>either acquiring or creating meaning.  Then there's finding answers to
>things quickly, which breaks down into intrinsic divination (recall from
>one's own memory) and the use of magical objects (computer searches, and
>don't think that doesn't take a special gift).  I personally have the magic
>power of finding the dirty bits in any given book just by opening it at
>random.  It is more useful than you'd imagine.

I have divination magic which is often less useful than you would think (I 
have talked about how being able to tell when people are lying doesn't mean 
I can do anything about it), although it is useful for impressing 
colleagues. I read tarot once a year at our Christmas party, and always 
manage to shock some cynical person (usually a chap) who thinks it is all 
bunk. This year, I read for a colleague's wife who I had not previously 
met, and managed to put my finger on a central contention in their marriage 
that they clearly don't ever talk about in public.


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