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On Sat, 11 Dec 2004 minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:

> How about the healing magics?  Anyone else out there?  obDWJ, she's a
> mind-healer, I swear it: people who are hurting from things they feel
> emotionally, rather than from physical injuries, are made better by her
> talking with them even if she doesn't really say anything particularly to
> the point.  As it were and very hard to describe.
> Comfort magic is what mothers are meant to have and some do, the ability to
> kiss someone better and have it work, or wrap the sorrowful one in a warm
> blanket of caring even if there isn't any real blanket involved.

I can do something sort of like this, but not quite--I'm not sure what to
call it, but people like to talk to me, and say that I'm easy to talk to,
even if they haven't talked to me much before and they're telling me about
all these problems they've been having. I don't know if it's "listening
magic," or what, but it makes people feel better.

My other kind of magic is kind of like what Tonino does--I'm not so good
at making things up off the top of my head; I'm better at building on what
other people do. For example, a couple of years ago I started drawing a
lot of Celtic knotwork, based on instructions from a book. So I'd draw the
knots according to how the book said to do it; and then I'd put hatchmarks
on, to make the knotted bit look more three-dimensional, and twine some
vines and leaves around.

> It might be that this is what DWJ is doing, now I come to think about
> it.  Only she does communication and creation as well, and for all that
> she claims not to be able to carry a tune in a bucket she does music
> magic.

Clearly the lesson here is that she is simply massively multi-talented.

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