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Sat Dec 11 10:43:35 EST 2004

Katie Meyers wrote:

>The books are listed under genre, and under genre, alphabetically under
>author.  Named below the author are the books recommended most, or the
>one/ones best known by the author, or the only one/ones I have read by
>the author.  If ALL is listed beneath the author, all the books are

>Susan B. Cooper
>        ALL
>         the series The Dark is Rising (begins with Over Sea, Under Stone,
>though you can also start with          The Dark is Rising (Book 2))

I'm not all that impressed by her work outside that series.

>Diane Duane
>        ALL
>        the series starting with So You Want to be a Wizard?

Are you including her "My Little Pony" books in that "ALL"?  :-)

>C.S. Lewis
>        ALL

Does that include *Out of the Silent Planet*, *Perelandra* and *That
Hideous Strength*?  If it does, be aware that he re-wrote the last-named,
and if what you've read is the paperback, it is not complete, and what he
chose to cut seems to have been in general the bits I liked best, the small
charming touches.  I found the attitude to women in it to be rather nasty,

What about *The Screwtape Letters*?  Those get me seriously tangled,
because what they always end up making me feel is that Christianity is
*impossible*, and I'm sure that isn't what he meant to convey.

>Patricia C. Wrede
>        ALL
>Try starting with: the series The Enchanted Forest (begins with Dealing
>with Dragons)

No no no, start with *The Seven Towers*, it has the funniest witch ever written.

>Bel Kaufman
>        Up the Down Staircase

For years I've been the only person I knew who'd ever read that.  Good to
know I'm not alone.

I got it at the same time as finally locating a book I read when I was
about nine (and why it was in a primary school library I shall probably
never understand, because even apart from the Bad Girls of fifteen or so it
is very subversive about school in general) called *Don't Knock The Corners
Off*, by a lady called (I think) Caroline Glynn.  If anyone ever sees that,
I'm now looking for another copy because I lent it to someone and it has

>William Shakespeare
>        ALL
>        Comedy: Much Ado About Nothing, Tragedy: Hamlet

I defy you.  Do you honestly stand there with your hand on your heart and
tell  me that you like *Titus Andronicus*?  I don't believe one can *like*
it.  Admire, maybe (I don't), but *like*?


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