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Sat Dec 11 10:43:39 EST 2004

Sallyo wrote:

>Since Katie has reminded me of the quizzes (thanks, Katie!) I'm interested
>to know what magic powers we all have. I do creation magic, Melissa is
>obviously in to persuasive magic (Melissa is always right). Margaret, you're
>creation magic twice over, counting your fabric-makings. Widdy - and some
>others - music magic. We're almost all into name magic of some kind - Dorian
>and the others who have changed theirs particularly.

I'd be inclined to have a category for "communication magic", which would
be what good teachers have, as well as the authors and the persuaders.  Not
quite the same as creation, which goes off in a different direction, as it
were, and ought to include the people who are really good cooks (and mixers
of cocktails), even if their magic is generally ephemeral.  :-)

How about the healing magics?  Anyone else out there?  obDWJ, she's a
mind-healer, I swear it: people who are hurting from things they feel
emotionally, rather than from physical injuries, are made better by her
talking with them even if she doesn't really say anything particularly to
the point.  As it were and very hard to describe.

Comfort magic is what mothers are meant to have and some do, the ability to
kiss someone better and have it work, or wrap the sorrowful one in a warm
blanket of caring even if there isn't any real blanket involved.  It might
be that this is what DWJ is doing, now I come to think about it.  Only she
does communication and creation as well, and for all that she claims not to
be able to carry a tune in a bucket she does music magic.

Oh, and what about the animal magic?  There are people who can always calm
a spooked horse, and never get bitten by dogs or scratched by cats even if
the animals in question are savage with everyone else.  I used to know
someone who could quite literally pick up a wasps' nest in his bare hands
(I watched from a *distance*) to move it to a safe place from a site where
it was going to be poisoned, and not get stung at all, and if that wasn't
magic I don't know what is.


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