book possessiveness

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Fri Dec 10 22:32:06 EST 2004

>collect. He claimed he didn't want to give away any of her books (did not
>even agree to lend me a particular one) before making a full inventory, so
>he could split them exactly equally between his two boys, and that it will
>take him several years to inventory them. I suppose the books somehow mean
>something to him that can't be explained rationally. I just found it odd
>that he was so willing, almost anxious, for me to take certain articles of
>her personal belongings, but refused me a book to which I clearly have an
>affinity. Anyway, I'm not complaining, just bringing it up as one of those
>inexplicable things.

People are oddly possessive and acquisitive about books. I know I am, and 
you should see my colleagues circle like sharks when the book reps visit. 
Either that, or they don't care, like my friend's mother who once asked her 
why she wanted a new book, because she already had a shelf full of them.


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