Judith's interview

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 10 20:53:02 EST 2004

Wow, excellent interview Judith. Right at the end
came this bit:

<Last question. Doubles. I adore them! 

Yes, so do I actually!

I haven't worked them all out.

I've got a lot one way or another, haven't I. 

I wonder if I've found more than you realised!

I bet you have!!

I sometimes think, "Oh, I'm making that up,
that's not really what's going on there."

But to me, again, it's the possibilities and the
choices. If you look at Janet and Gwendolen,
they're so similar, there's so much those girls
have in common, but they've made different
choices about how they're going to use their
vitality, their determination, and all the rest
of it.>

Now Judith and Diana are clearly in rapport here
but for us lesser mortals can you clarify this a
bit please? I mean I can see that Gwendolen and
Janet are doubles of course but it's not
something I've spotted in general.


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