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Fri Dec 10 20:44:22 EST 2004

Deborah informed us -- Hi Deborah, good luck with
the finals, nothing in this post you need to see
before Wednesday, just wanted to do it before I
forgot -- 

<(For now, by the 
way, you can use the
  search bar at the bottom of -- since most of
  the content on this site is our list, it works 
well enough.)>

Hmmmmm sorry to say I couldn't quite make it work
as I wished. I was trying to search for our
discussions about the quizzes (to add to my
previous post). Not only would specific thread
titles from that time not work it claimed not to
ever find the word "quiz", which, frankly, means
it can't be trying very hard. On the other hand
searches for "Howl" and "Buffy" returned lots of
hits. One problem is the lack of anything in the
archives by date from april '03 until this month,
the search doesn't find things written between
those dates. 

One thing I did find was one of the Hexwood
discussions. This URL is from the archive by
date, I thought this was better than going by
actual thread title as this mutates quite
rapidly, from re Hexwood to Hexwood catchup to On
Being a Hot Babe and so on. I've forgotten who
wanted to talk about Hexwood, sorry, but this is
the discussion that got me to learn to love

Umm please ignore the previous message in which I
corrected this one that I hadn't actually sent
yet........ I'll just sneak out quietly blaming
the server...... yes it's all YAHOO!'S fault.


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