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Fri Dec 10 16:58:02 EST 2004

Name:  Margaret Ball

Living in: Austin, surrounded by Texas

Age: 57

What I do when not playing here: Write science fiction and fantasy. 
Avoid writing science fiction and fantasy. Practice flute, play chamber 
music, feel guilty about not practicing enough. Hike around various bits 
of Texas countryside when weather permits. Make things that usually, but 
not always, involve some combination of fabric, thread and beads. My 
older daughter's English homework. (Steve is doing her geometry homework.)

Married/partnered: Yes - husband Steve (a genius and a saint with a few 
minor flaws)

Offspring (human) Two daughters - Katie (19) and Sarah (18)

Offspring (non-human) Cats: Cookies & Cream (named by kids) and 
Jean-Pierre Rampal (named by me)
                                    Dog: Lab/Rott mix, originally named 
Black Magic but subsequently re-christened Concealed Weapon because she 
looks like a pure-bred      Lab but has Rottweiler jaws, muscles, 
agression, and aversion to cocker spaniels (except as snacks)

First DWJ: probably either Dogsbody, Power of Three, or Eight Days of 
Luke - can't remember
When: during the early Pleistocene era

Favorite DWJ: Fire and Hemlock

Least favorite DWJ: Time of the Ghost

Other favorite authors/books: Cecelia Holland: Great Maria.  
                                              A.S. Byatt: Possession
                                               Elizabeth Marie Pope: The 
Perilous Gard
                                               Barbara Kingsolver: The 
Bean Trees, High Tide in Tucson
                                               John McPhee: The Control 
of Nature
                                              Diana Norman, Lois Bujold, 
Angela Thirkell, D.E. Stevenson, Sheri Tepper, Robert Westall, Rosemary 
Sutcliff, Rudyard Kipling

Music: 13-15C polyphony, most late baroque/early classical period, 
Scottish folk, British folk/rock. One of my chamber music partners keeps 
trying to educate my musical taste to include composers who haven't been 
dead for at least 150 years, and I have actually voluntarily bought two 
Shostakovich CD's, but no Stravinsky or Bartok or Glass or Cage. One 
must draw the line somewhere.

Favorite movies: Amadeus, Rio Grande, Casablanca, The Wind and the Lion

Currently reading: Behind Time (Lynn Abbey), Selected Poems (George 
Mackay Brown), Poser 4 User Guide (by a long list of sadists in the 
employment of Curious Labs)

What I want for Christmas: Poser 5, silk velvet and organza to dye, and 
a high school diploma in Katie's hot little hand.

Margaret Ball

Mathematicians are like Frenchmen; whatever you say to them they translate into their own language and forthwith it is something entirely different.


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