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Fri Dec 10 16:20:42 EST 2004

Kyra replied to me...
>> Offspring (non-human): Three cats - Magrat, Kyra and Arakasi.
>> Dorian.
> ObDWJ: Ummm, you have a cat me?  And her name is even spelled correctly
> (I've encounted a reasonable number of Kiras, but very few Kyras)?

Oh.  I guess I have.  We have a tradition, me and Patrick, of naming our 
cats from fantasy novels.  Magrat is from many Terry Pratchetts; Kyra is 
from "Sorcerer's Ward" by Barbara Hambly, and Arakasi is from the "Empire" 
trilogy by Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts.

Magrat and Kyra were named as two of a litter of three; the third was Lujan 
(also from the "Empire" trilogy) - they were, respectively, priestess, mage 
and warrior.  Arakasi was so named because he was "Hunter" before we got 
him, and the character in the book is a spymaster - a hunter of information.

We have also, over the last 10 years, shared our home with cats named 
Vanyel, Shia, Gandalf, Aerin, Fitz, Teren, and Tazey (mother of Mags and 
Kyra).  Listpoints to anyone who can correctly identify *all* of the 


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