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Fri Dec 10 15:18:16 EST 2004

Allison said...
> My general experience has been that if there is a tv around I will end
> up watching too much as a sort of default activity whereas if I don't
> have one, I don't really miss it.  There are really only a few shows I
> logically think are worth watching but somehow if the television is
> there I end up wasting time in front of it.  I mostly like to be able to
> watch dvds and I can do this fine on my computer.  Now arguably, I just
> waste time at my computer, but that's a different issue.

Yeah, I've found that television has a nasty habit of dragging one's eyes 
towards it, whether one actually wants to watch it or not (probably an 
evolutionary hangover - watch for movement; it might be predators or lunch). 
This is why I hate TVs in pubs; even if you have no interest in the rugby 
match or whatever it is, your eyes go that way anyway and it really kills 

Having grown up without TV, I never got into the habit of having it on all 
the time or staring at it no matter what; I now watch it very rarely, though 
it does sometimes drag me away from my book, much to my annoyance most of 
the time.  Since Buffy and Angel ended, about the only thing I watch 
voluntarily is the breakfast news.  There may be more stuff to my taste out 
there, but the time I'd spend finding it, I'd rather spend reading or 
e-mailing.  I think the last thing I felt I mustn't miss was a dramatisation 
of Hitler's rise to power - almost a year ago!


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