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> Things I thought were particularly interesting:
> 1) describing Neil Gaiman as someone who "writes horror stories," as
> opposed to just about any other kind of story. I would never have read
> anything by him if he'd been described as a horror author.

Unfortunately it's more or less true, as far as I can see. I *like* Neil 
Gaiman immensely, from all I hear, but I can hardly read anything he writes 
because it's too scary. It's like a food allergy.

By the way, I share a birthday with C.S. Lewis, Madeleine L'Engle, and Louisa 
May Alcott. Alcott claimed to share a birthday with Christopher Columbus, 
IIRC, but I think that date may be less certain.

I think my very, very non-identical twin daughters, born a minute apart, are 
about as good a proof of the absurdity of astrology as one could find on a 
summer's day.

The interview was great fun, thank you, Judith! I liked the way you didn't 
edit out all the tiny, you know, this and that, ditherings. It sounded very 

Helen Schinske
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