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Intro time!

Name: Dorian Elizabeth Gray

Living in: Dublin (Ireland, not Ohio!)

Age: 35

What I do when not playing here: All sorts of things!  To earn a crust, I 
organise documents and bully programmers in a small software development 
company.  For fun I read, write, co-edit a webzine, make costumes, LARP...

Married/partnered/?: Living with my Patrick for 10 years now.

Offspring (human variety): None, thank goodness.

Offspring (non-human): Three cats - Magrat, Kyra and Arakasi.

First DWJ/when: "Charmed Life", when I was about 9.  My brother got it out 
of the library and hooked the whole family.

Favourite DWJ (Why am I doing this to myself?!): "Fire and Hemlock".

Least favourite DWJ: Either "A Sudden Wild Magic" or "A Tale of Time City". 
Not overly fond of "The Homeward Bounders" or "Black Maria" either.

Other favourite authors/books: Terry Pratchett, Barbara Hambly, Lois 
McMaster Bujold, old school stories.

Music: Anything except the dance/house/rap spectrum or modern boy/girl 
bands.  I'm especially fond of goth, folk, and 80s pop.

Currently reading: "Oath of Swords" by David Weber and a book about the 
impact Queen Victoria had on her society.


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