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Fri Dec 10 12:23:48 EST 2004

>This makes me an Aquarian, and in fact I'm almost a caricature of what
>Aquarians are meant to be like, which is a sorrow to me as I think the
>whole thing's nonsense on stilts.Charlie
>Charlie - I am an Aquarian as well - square in the middle on February 1st.
>I, too, fit the description well but agree with your stilts comment.

The fun comes when you go at it from the other end.  Somebody once did that
and produced scads and scads of stuff from France, where apparently they
put the time as well as the date onto birth certificates.

Anyhow: it's obviously glerk bullshit to expect every twelfth child born
(or whatever the percentages are per sign) to turn out for instance a
top-class sportsman or a military whizz, but a surprising number of the
people at the top of each of the professions did have starsigns that fitted
(once all the rising ones and all the rest of it had been taken into

This does not, to me, seem particularly convincing evidence.  Dunno about
stilts: what about a pogo stick?

I was more impressed by the data about what time of year one was born and
therefore whether one was likely to be the older or the younger end of a
class of children with the school year starting in September.  That makes a
certain amount of sense, I suppose.  Allowing that it doesn't take into
account whether a child has been to a pre-school day-nursery or not.


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