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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Dec 10 12:18:08 EST 2004


>I was under the impression that I told her to stay at home and sacrifice her
>intellectual pursuits for the sake of knitting nosewarmers.  You just can't
>reason with some people.

Penwipers, my dear, penwipers!   Actually, come to think of it, 
knitting is having a huge upswing at the moment, with a nicely 
subversive edge to it, so maybe I ought to reconsider this path!

>So, has it been worth it?  The long, sleepless nights, the writing of
>papers, the reading of books?

The long, sleepless nights (or short, sleepless nights of summers 
around here) have been no problem.  If you would just separate the 
writing of papers and the reading of books a bit you'd get an even 
more definitive yes answer to your question.  (And you wisely omitted 
mention of the exams).

>At least with nosewarmers you would have had
>Christmas gifts to give away.  It's kind of hard to package up a fraction of
>a university education, even with red ribbons.

Christmas gifts and jumble sale donations!  Too true.  Though now 
you've brought it up, I could probably think of some way to give Bec 
the opposite of an I.O.U. pressie for the help on her first 
university essay.  Not to mention her Leaving Cert English exam.

Anyone who hasn't a clue what I'm on about with the penwipers and the 
jumble sales should rush out and read _To Say Nothing of the Dog_. 
Immediately.  Just ignore all my lunatic ravings about the importance 
of ignoring good advice and read it.

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