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Fri Dec 10 11:24:00 EST 2004

On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 00:10:11 -0500, Katie Meyers wrote:

>To the person who talked about wanting the Into the Woods soundtrack- I 
>love that musical!  I mean, it's like the musical version of the kind 
>of books I read!  I played the Witch a couple of years ago in a 
>community theater production, and it is my favorite part I've ever 
>played.  Actually, it was pretty funny, because afterwards I was 
>reading some notes my mom had written about me when I was a baby, and 
>one was about how much I enjoyed listening to the Into the Woods 
>soundtrack.  I saw the revival on Broadway and thought it was great, 
>though I love Bernadette Peters as the Witch.  Actually,  I bet a lot 
>of people on this list would love Into the Woods, if they enjoy fantasy 
>and fractured fairy tales.

I think so too, about people here liking it.  My children loved the music,
though I don't think they're so fond of me belting out "Agony" when they
start getting whiny.  I remember I was given the soundtrack by a friend in
high school--he was getting rid of tapes, so I ended up with Cats and
Phantom of the Opera as well.  But I never listened to Into the Woods
because I'd never heard of it.  Then in college my roommate Dawn had me
watch the one with Bernadette Peters (amazing performance) and I remembered
the tape...and of course now it's lost.  But I must have listened to it a
lot, because the music is etched into my brain.  I'd like to play the Witch
if I had the chance, or the Baker's Wife.

Anyway, we took our daughters to see it performed at a local college.  It
was a really good performance overall.  The staging was interesting;
everything was made to look like books.  Even the woods themselves were
giant volumes.  It was startling but effective.  I think Rapunzel was
costumed very poorly.  The actress was beautiful and a large woman, but they
put her in this terrible dress that made her look frumpy and then put way
too much makeup of all the wrong colors on her.  Also, Cinderella's prince
looked and moved exactly like Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.  (Not just Jim
Carrey, but specifically that character, down to the hairstyle.  It was

Still...what a great show.  If you've never seen it, I highly recommend
finding a copy of the American Playhouse performance; it's available on VHS
and DVD.  It's nominally about fairy tales, and the first act brings several
of them together in a more or less traditional manner (what departures there
are from the well-known stories fit very well together).  It's the second
act that starts to ask questions about free will, choices, and why "nice" is
different than "good."  If you can see it on stage, even better.

Melissa Proffitt

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