Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri Dec 10 10:03:47 EST 2004

I'm a Cancer and fit most descriptions so closely that it's 
embarrassing to me as an unbeliever.  There was a quiz floating 
around LJ a bit ago on how closely you fit your sign and I scored 87% 
Cancer.  One daughter and my mother are Leos, and also fit their 
signs well, and the other daughter is totally unrecognisable as her 
sign (Aries).


>I'm a Libran (October 19) and in some important ways am very much 
>the way Librans are supposed to be. I'm extremely indecisive and 
>desirous of balance--in fact these two traits are a basic part of my 
>make-up--nearly always see ten sides of an argument, dislike 
>conflict and enjoy harmonious, beautiful surroundings, although I'm 
>not as "into beauty" as Librans are supposed to be. I once had the 
>rest of the planets analysed, but do you think I can remember them? 
>I do remember that my moon is probably (because I'm not completely 
>sure of my time of birth) in Scorpio and that seems to fit somewhat 
>too, since beneath the Libran harmony stuff there's quite a lot of 
>intensity. (If it's not in Scorpio, it's in Libra.) I seem to 
>remember Aires in there somewhere (ascendant?) and that doesn't fit 
>at all.
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