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Name: Charlie Butler

Living in: Bristol, UK.
Age: 41

What I do when not playing here: Lecture at a university, write books. (The details are all at

Married/partnered/?: Somewhat tenuously

Offspring (human variety): Two au naturel (Nathaniel, 9 and Charlotte, 6), and one d’escalier (Cecily, 15)

Offspring (non-human): I dug a pond this summer – it is replete with frogs, but I don’t really think of them as my offspring: we respect each other’s space. My children have a hamster (Harry) and a gerbil (Tiger), which they dote upon by proxy (ie. I do all the feeding, changing bedding, etc). However, the animals are having to share just the one advent calendar and the enclosed yoghurt drops – I did draw the line at giving them one each.

First DWJ/when: 1991 or 2 – it was Charmed Life.
Favourite DWJ (Why am I doing this to myself?!): Fire and Hemlock still edges it, but it’s rather atypical so I’d like to give honorable mentions to Archer’s Goon and The Merlin Conspiracy, as my favourites of two of her other sorts. Oh, and the Tough Guide if I want to laugh out loud.

Least favourite DWJ: Hmm. Wasn’t too struck with Changeover or 8 Days of Luke, or (more recently) Year of the Griffin – though I read that before Dark Lord, which wasn’t really fair.

Other favourite authors/books: Authors: Oh god, well you know from frequent mentions that I like Alan Garner, Susan Cooper, Margaret Mahy, etc. Amongst non-CL books I rate Jane Austen, Spenser, Ivy Compton-Burnett, bits of Ian McEwan, Agatha Christie if I have a cold, P.G Wodehouse if I have flu. And all the other people I’m forgetting to say just now.

Music: I like folk, medieval stuff (especially Machaut, at the moment and on-and-off for a long time) and Renaissance stuff (especially lute songs and viol consorts - not so keen on madrigals), Shostakovitch, REM, the Beatles, the Pogues, and Michael Nyman.

Favourite movies: Drowning by Numbers, The Wicker Man, Schindler’s List, Raiders of the Lost Ark, anything that can make me laugh (the Incredibles did that the other day).

Favourite TV (or rather, what I actually watch atm): The Simpsons, Match of the Day, Have I Got News for You, University Challenge, anything historical/scientific/archaeological/natural historical.

Currently reading: Jonathan Stroud, Amulet of Samarkand; Ronald Hutton, Pagan Religions of the British Isles; John Webster, The White Devil; Michael Rosen’s Sad Book.
Birthday (since this seems to be a new feature): January, shared with Robbie Burns and my grandfather. Also the Feast of St Paul’s Conversion on the Road to Damascus, FWIW. This makes me an Aquarian, and in fact I’m almost a caricature of what Aquarians are meant to be like, which is a sorrow to me as I think the whole thing’s nonsense on stilts.

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> Thanks to a quick google, I've now learned I share mine with George 
> Orwell, George Michael and Eric Carle. Interesting combo. Before 
> this I only knew that my birthday was the anniversary of Custer's 
> Last Stand.
> Hallie.
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