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Fri Dec 10 09:28:37 EST 2004

I'm a Libran (October 19) and in some important ways am very much the way 
Librans are supposed to be. I'm extremely indecisive and desirous of 
balance--in fact these two traits are a basic part of my make-up--nearly 
always see ten sides of an argument, dislike conflict and enjoy harmonious, 
beautiful surroundings, although I'm not as "into beauty" as Librans are 
supposed to be. I once had the rest of the planets analysed, but do you 
think I can remember them? I do remember that my moon is probably (because 
I'm not completely sure of my time of birth) in Scorpio and that seems to 
fit somewhat too, since beneath the Libran harmony stuff there's quite a lot 
of intensity. (If it's not in Scorpio, it's in Libra.) I seem to remember 
Aires in there somewhere (ascendant?) and that doesn't fit at all.


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