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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Dec 10 08:16:44 EST 2004


>Hallie wrote:
>  As this is my second undergraduate degree, it might
>>seem that I'm a glutton for punishment, but *I* choose to blame 
>>Melissa and Elise!
>Now wait a minute!  Didn't we tell you to get a double-barrelled 
>accounting and business degree specializing in the widget patent 
>process?  Yes, the memory grows ever more clear. I am certain that's 
>how it happened.  And where do we find you several years on? 
>Wallowing in books and apparently enjoying every moment. Shameless!

Ah, you may have *said* all the right things about the worthy 
degrees, but were you living the lives that would have set the good 
example?  Not likely!  Anyway, isn't there an obligation to be a 
leeettle bit subversive on this of all lists?  Ha ha - I spit on your 
good advice!

>If I had Puritan ancestors I am certain they would have disapproved. 
>Can't you feel the heavy weight of their completely imaginary 

Oh yes, thank you!  Just what I needed. ;)

>Okay, that's my version.  But really, how did we come to be to 
>blame? And has it all been worth it so far?

My version is far less fun, no doubt, but I remember Melissa's 
writing eloquently (to use a completely tautological phrase) of what 
her Lit degree had added to her reading life, and thinking I'd love 
that.  You come in (in my memory at least) through all those 
discussions about Sophie, and the way her 'inner critic' voice was 
shown through the layers added to the Witch's spell.  And lots of 
other great posts of yours, along with a whopping dose of serendipity 
(for which I suppose nobody can be held responsible) which kicked me 
into looking into doing the degree, and it's been wonderful.

Though I'm planning to ask for a partial tuition refund if I *still* 
don't write anything like as lucidly as Melissa or use metaphors as 
wonderfully as you when/if I get the degree.  False advertising is 
just so tacky!


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