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Katie Meyers kgmeyers at
Fri Dec 10 00:10:11 EST 2004

For Hanukkah I would like  Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.  I think.  
Has anyone read it yet?

To the person who talked about wanting the Into the Woods soundtrack- I 
love that musical!  I mean, it's like the musical version of the kind 
of books I read!  I played the Witch a couple of years ago in a 
community theater production, and it is my favorite part I've ever 
played.  Actually, it was pretty funny, because afterwards I was 
reading some notes my mom had written about me when I was a baby, and 
one was about how much I enjoyed listening to the Into the Woods 
soundtrack.  I saw the revival on Broadway and thought it was great, 
though I love Bernadette Peters as the Witch.  Actually,  I bet a lot 
of people on this list would love Into the Woods, if they enjoy fantasy 
and fractured fairy tales.

To the people talking about choirs- I just got home from a big school 
concert.  I am in Chamber Singers, an auditioned group.  Tonight we 
sang Lily of the Valley and The Wassail Song (which always makes me 
think of The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper).

I liked Sunshine by Robin McKinley, although vampires, especially 
vampire love stories can be cliche.  I like Hero and the Crown and Blue 
Sword better-- I definitely guessed that the child named Aerin was from 
these books!

Also- I just was searching the discard books at my school library, 
where occasionally you can find something good, and I saw the most 
cliche bad fantasy book ever.  I immediately thought of the Tough 
Guide.  I read relatively far into it and actually laughed out loud 
because it was so ridiculous.  Melodramatic!  Seriously bad.  It was 
called Shadows of Doom.  Ummm,  I'm sorry if it's someone's favorite 
book.  What book do you know that has the most Tough Guide cliches?  
This had all the OMTs, color-coding, a Dark Lord, a Princess, 
everything.  But especially OMTs.

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