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Laurel Lamme lalamme at
Thu Dec 9 22:45:34 EST 2004

Kyla Tornheim wrote:

>Do you have a decent library system, or a nearby college library system
>you could use? I'm up in Massachusetts, but my library system has scores
>for a huge number of musicals.
Yes, we checked the local library systems first thing, but thanks for 
the suggestion. Your library system sounds lovely.

> Judith Ridge wrote:
>Finally, might I take this opportunity to say that I have recently uploaded
>the complete transcript of the interview I did with DWJ in 1992 to my
That was great fun to read; thank you for putting it up! I had to laugh 
out loud when she said "Damn it! I'm turning into C.S. Lewis!" And the 
mentions of Charles De Lint have made me want to reread some of his work 
and compare his magical landscapes with DWJ's.


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