Re Dratted Vampires (was re Roger's Intro form) and Nasty Children

Ven vendersleighc at
Thu Dec 9 20:48:33 EST 2004

On the subject of not liking Buffy Rosie wrote

<and  me as the third. Some Buffy-mad friends 
invited me over for a
>Buffy-evening, certain that I would be 
converted. I have no idea which
>episodes they showed me, but I laughed in the 
bits that weren't meant
>to be funny and criticised almost every stroke 
of a swordfight. For
>some reason they haven't tried again ...>

There are bits that aren't meant to be funny?

Minnow, on Dwj and vampires:

I can offer you one for here: I've heard her 
being (for her) almost rude
about vampires in general: she finds them boring 
beyond belief, as far as I
could make out.  :-)>

Not that I'm trying to make you want to watch it
(perish the thought) but I also am fed up to  the
back teeth with vampires, and was long before
Buffy came on the scene and yet I love it. It
seems to me to have as little in common with
vampire genre schlock as Dwj does with genre
fantasy schlock.

On Gwendolen as a kind of psychic vampire and all
round unpleasant child. 

Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, Knowledge Pika wrote

<I dunno. Like Cat and Chrestomanci, I sort of 
admired her creativity. >

Well, they do, but only the stuff that's actually
funny as opposed to cruel (the snake skirt) or
disturbing (the revenants).

<The Nastiest Children in fiction are in Brock 
Cole's _The Goats_. The Nastiest children in DWJ
are in Witch Week. >

Actually nasty children are pretty rare in Dwj.
Aside from the aforementioned and Time of the
Ghost's Julian Addyman there's the gang in
Wilkin's Tooth (for which blame Biddy) and Basil
in Dogsbody (blame his mother) but they turn out
more or less all right in the end.

<I think it's because I can see how Gwendolen got

to be Gwendolen (and I don't particularly admire
her parents, but then the Chants do seem to 
have trouble with parenthood), and one can see 
how her faults could be turned to good if she'd
been properly spanked on a regular basis...>

Really? I doubt regular beatings would have done
anything but make her even more vindictive. 

<but the children in Witch Week are just the sort
of drearily nasty that children get to be, only
more so, as they have so few admirable 
qualities. Not even creativity, ambition or 
persistence. >

I found them pretty much like the kind of kids
that I hated at school, yes, but not nastier than
Gwendolen in a willing to give younger siblings
up for murder kind of way.

One thing however that Gwendolen and Julian have
in common -- apart from being murderous -- is
that neither of them really do seem like
children, it is as if they were born fully grown

Doh, ack, I'd quite forgotten about the
Prayermaster's boys in The Merlin Conspiracy,
it's pretty clear what made them so nasty I 


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