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Ven vendersleighc at
Thu Dec 9 20:38:03 EST 2004

Esther said her Least favourite DWJ was
< The short story about the 
wolves.  Please someone who 
likes it try to show me what I'm clearly 

I'm missing the same thing, can somebody tell us
what, even if you don't like the story but just 
understand it

Emma Comerford 

<and, like Ven, Guns Germs and Steel by 
Jared Diamond, although 
>slowly as it's a large hardback so does not 
travel on the train with me, 
>yet is not relaxing night reading.>

Luckily I have the paperback, which does travel
well. At night the only thing it would be good
for is an insomnia cure!

Jon on The Prisoner
<the '60s series staring Patrick McGoohan, not 
the Aussie soap set in a woman's prison which was

called just Prisoner.>

Prisoner Cell Block H over here. I am a fan of
both ............ hm has anyone done any fan
fiction combining the two?  Number 6 you have the
laundry press for the day!


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