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Robyn Starkey rohina at
Thu Dec 9 20:11:19 EST 2004

>Name: Robyn
>Living in: Calgary, the armpit of Canada, except armpits are probably warmer
>Age: 30 something -- it's my birthday next sunday.
>What I do when not playing here: fantasize about doing violence to idiotic 
>students who can't learn the rule about underlining book titles and who 
>want to argue with me about getting an A. That is to say, I teach English 
>comp and lit (mostly lit at the moment) at a post-secondary college.
>Married/partnered/?: yes, married. Stupid trivia: my anniversary is Feb 
>29, so have been married 12 years but only had 3 actual anniversaries.
>Offspring (human variety): 1 female, age 4.5 named Xanthe. I was recently 
>told by her preschool teachers that she has an excess of imagination. I 
>didn't know that was possible.
>Offspring (non-human): 2 cats, Polly the Bengal, aged 18 months, and the 
>recent arrival is Loki, a Russian Blue who came from Alaska.
>First DWJ/when: I totally can't remember. I started rereading her when she 
>was recommended to me in university, and some of them (Charmed Life and a 
>couple others) were very familiar, so I think I may have read them before that.
>Favourite DWJ (Why am I doing this to myself?!): Spellcoats.
>Least favourite DWJ: Dogsbody.
>Other favourite authors/books: I've been teaching sylistics this semester, 
>so I like people at a sentence level at the moment: Woodhouse, Douglas 
>Coupland, Pratchett (later books, not that early rubbish), Bujold, Brust, 
>Jane Austen, EF Benson.... I won't go on.
>Music: My husband who is a musician composed some meditation music for a 
>woman who runs workshops that involve writing. He did these 4 pieces that 
>are for writing to, and I find them excellent to mark to, as well.

Television: Firefly and anything else Whedon, Simpsons, Amazing Race, 
Boston Legal.

>Currently reading: 150 essays. This is why I am mental and very sarcastic. 
>Otherwise, Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Galbaldon, and I am not impressed. 
>I liked Lord John from a Legends collection someone lent me, but this 
>other stuff is fairly pedestrian.

Current obsession: Sims2

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