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Thu Dec 9 19:04:26 EST 2004

Name: Jordan

Gender Female

Living in: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Age: 16 

What I do when not playing here: school (ugh!), debate team, volleyball team 
(setter), tennis team 

Married/partnered/?: nope

Offspring (human variety): thank goodness no

Offspring (non-human): one westie named Rocko (West Highland White Terrier)

First DWJ/when: Lives of Christopher Chant 10 years old (about)

Favourite DWJ (Why am I doing this to myself?!):
havent nearly read all of them yet but as of now Charmed Life, Crown of 
Dalemark (in the minority for that one it seems), HMC

Least favourite DWJ: Dark Lord of Derkholm (as of now)

Other favourite authors/books:

Tamora Pierce and all of her books!!!!!, Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie 
Kinsella (Chick lit i know- at least I didnt put Gossip Girl! All you need to know 
if you dont know what those books are is that my English teacher pretty much 
forbids us to read them for Independent Reading), Pat Wrede, Sherwood 

Music: rock (Green Day, NFG, Sugarcult and other bands like that) the most, 
country is very slowly starting to grow on me-just not the slow songs, very 
limited rap, some fun pop stuff, 80's stuff, also lots of oldies cause that all 
my dad will listen to in the car so I've grown up on those also Broadway Music 
esp. Aida, Wicked, Hairspray (going to see it today), 

Favourite TV: all those VH1 clip shows (best week ever, I love the 
70's/80's/90's), SNL, Friends, the OC (dont make fun! it is addicting!), Law and Order 
SVU (the best of all those cop forensic type shows!!)

Favourite film: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, History of the World Part I 
(Mel Brooks is so funny), Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, Ferris 
Bueler's Day Off, A League of Their Own, Happy Gilmore, Shrek 1 and 2, anything 
mildly funny I'll like. as for my favorite emotional drama movie- Life is 
Beautiful. everyone should see that!

Favourite artist: like artist artist? Umm I dont know. Oh actually I do know 
I like Degas because I really liked his dancer paintings (esp. when I took 

Currently reading:
other than studying for midterms I just got a book called The Mandarins. I 
dont know much about it but while i was researching for a project on the 
Mandarins in Vietnam stuff for this kept coming up and it looked interesting.., also 
plan on getting the Merlin Conspiracy soo

What I want for Christmas/Hannukah (yah i get a little of both): iPod!
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