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On Thursday, December 9, 2004, at 11:04 AM, Melissa Proffitt wrote:

>>> any Georgette Heyer I haven't read yet.
>> There's Heyer you haven't read yet? Lucky thing!
> I live in America.  Until recently it was almost a miracle for an 
> American
> of my generation to have read *any* Heyer.  I only heard about her 
> through
> this list, in fact.  We've managed to acquire slightly more than half 
> her
> romances (I don't count the nasty mysteries either, nor _Cousin Kate_)
> either through the new Harlequin releases or fortunate finds at used 
> book
> stores.  And I've read _Venetia_ but don't own it--bummer, that, 
> because
> it's one of my favorites.  Ditto _Lady of Quality_ and _The Talisman 
> Ring_.
> I would really like to get _False Colours_ and _The Reluctant Widow_.

Hmmm.  Maybe the phrase 'of my generation' is the thing here.  I live in
the USofA and have read almost everything of hers I've ever heard of and
even own some I've never gotten through, like _Simon the Coldheart_.
For heaven's sake, I even have _Lord John_, which is about somebody
I'm interested in, but is practically impenetrably written.  [It's a 
novel, not a romance.]

I think I read _The Masqueraders_ first , in 1976 in a paperback my 
had.  She didn't like it; I did.

I picked most of the rest up in the 80s here in the USofA, although a 
of the mysteries I never found until I bought them from a
couple of years ago.  Also, for the sake of completeness, I picked up
a couple of the romances that I had never bothered to acquire,
although I had read them.

I like a couple of the mysteries 	quite a lot.   Some of them are mildly
interesting.  _Penhallow_ made me very angry, since it disobeys
a cardinal rule of mystery-writing.  I can't tell you which one because
it would be a total spoiler.  [Sort of like having somebody tell you
what it is about _The Murder  of Roger Akroyd_.] [Not that TMofRA
violates any rules of mystery-writing, because it doesn't.]


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